Can my organization get the complete Delivery Playbook?

Yes, absolutely. Over the past few decades I’ve created, matured, and delivered the playbook with hundreds of clients and customers. Along with the playbook itself, your organization benefits from supporting tools, templates, and architectural stereotypes. To learn more, visit the Boss Logic site and schedule a discovery call.

Do you offer team enablement?

Training, team enablement, and tailoring your organization’s playbook is exactly what we do! We’ll work together, co-creating a fit-for-purpose playbook that meets your team’s unique situation. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Boss Logic site and schedule a discovery call.

Can I expense Customer Obsessed Engineering?

You bet! I think that’s a great idea. Not only do you get access to the playbook, you’ll also receive a wealth of information and weekly articles right to your inbox. If you need a starting point, try reaching out to your manager with this template.

And by the way, there are fantastic group discounts. Maybe your company wants to sponsor your whole team?

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