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Developer credibility: Building an environment of trust

Join us for a discussion on building a culture that supports the team, and how important establishing credibility is for the individual engineer

Many thanks for

and for inviting me to join a lively discussion about building credibility and trust in technology, both as an engineer and as a team lead. Adrian hosts SnackableCTO, and Denis hosts Crafting Tech Teams, both excellent blogs that I highly recommend. It was a pleasure to join the panel along with .

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Watch now for an insightful discussion on building team culture and team engagement! Some of the topics and Q&A we dive into during this one hour panel include:

  • What are some modern guidelines for building a great company culture and engineering culture?

  • How important is company culture and values when we look at hiring new team members?

  • What strategies can we use to shift from the culture we have to a future, aspirational culture?

  • How can we fix a culture that’s got my team disconnected and undervalued, creating investment and ownership again?

  • Are there good techniques for aligning around business vision and creating more tangible goals, strategy, and outcomes?

  • How does an engineering playbook protect the team and keep us from forgetting the important bits?

  • How can we create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their work, enjoy what they are doing?

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